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Layout: S2 Bloggish - Stripes

Style: S2 Bloggish (works on Insane Journal, JournalFen and Livejournal!)
Best view: 800px wide and above
Browsers Tested On: Latest versions of IE, Opera and Firefox
Custom Comment Pages: Yes
Navbar: Yes

Layout : Stripes

Live Preview

  • Insane Journal, JournalFen and LiveJournal compatible
  • Two Column Design -sidebar on left
  • Usernames above entry titles for easy reading
  • Will work on free layouts
  • Custom comment pages included
  • Images for the Linkbar included! (Reply/Edit/Track etc.)
  • Tags in scrollbox
  • With or without navstrip
  • You can also add a header or change the link colors and entry title colors :)

Instructions for Insane Journal
  • Go to Customize Journal on insanejournal (here)
  • Make sure S2 and NOT S1 is selected
  • Click Save and then go to Look and Feel
  • Choose "Bloggish" for Layout and "None" for Themes
  • Click Save and go to Custom Options
  • Make sure the Layout Type is "Two column (Sidebar on Left)" VERY IMPORTANT
  • Use layout's "Base Weblog" stylesheet: Yes
  • Under Custom external stylesheet URL, copy and paste this URL:


You can also have a link list set up as well as tags.

Instructions for Live Journal And JournalFen

Go to Customize Journal on livejournal (here)or on journalfen (here)
Make sure you are on the S2 system!

Under Select a New Theme
Type in Bloggish
Choose the "Unstyled" theme at the end
Choose 2 column (sidebar on LEFT) IMPORTANT
Click Customize Selected Theme

Under Custom CSS
Use layout's "Base Weblog" stylesheet: YES
Copy and paste one of the following links for Custom external stylesheet URL (Pasting the codes directly will not work)

The version with the minimalist navstrip at the top:

Without the navstrip (compatible with Journal Fen!)

NOTE: If you chose the navstrip version go here and make sure you selected the Light gray gradient.

You can also set your links list and your tags.

I use one of grrliz's layouts as a base (Holiday in Vegas @ thefulcrum), with permission. Any bugs you find are due to my tweaking the code till its barely the same anymore >__<

Paste this code into your profile page:

Customization Instructions

If you want to add a header and change colors
  • Download the code linked above
  • Open it in a text editor
  • Refer to the customization instructions bellow
  • You MUST upload the code to a web server. I use awardspace myself.
  • Follow the instructions above for IJ or/and LJ and just change the URL with the stylesheet you uploaded.
  • Adjust the credits accordingly

To Add Your Header: Scroll to the bottom of the code and replace XXX with your image URL and 0px with the height of your image plus 20px. e.g. so if your image is 150px in height, type in 170px.

NOTE: Header should be a 760px wide

If you want to change colors, do find/replace for the following codes:

The color code for the Pink is #C12B30
The color code for the Blue is #006382

If you want to change the colorstrip, you need to change the replace this image.

One example of a customized layout is here.

You are free to make any changes - only requirement is to comment and credit. Oh and if you do try to customize it beyond the instructions listed, please refer to s2bloggish and s2_bloggish for help.

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox
Tags: # layouts

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