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March 2013

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gossymer in noveltybox

Profile Layout: Color Stripes v2.0

Profile Style: Color Stripes v2.0

Revamped my bio to match the new LJ profile XD

Preview (click for live preview )

The table will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the profile \o/

Go to Edit Personal Information and paste the code into your Bio

The Code

You can do Edit/Find/Replace all to change all the colors

Text Background Color code: #fafafa
Heading Text Color Code: #ffffff
Regular Text Color Code: #555555

Stripe Color Codes
Box #1: Blue - #30afbf
Box #2: Green - #a8cc33
Box #3: Yellow #f2bd1d
Box #4: Orange - #DF7D1B
Box #5: Red - #cc3c18

You are free to edit the codes - only rule is to comment and credit!

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox


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I used your layout here.
ah! i love this profile code! thank you for creating it! :D
i'm going to use these codes when i decide to get off my lazy butt and re-do my profile *procrastinates for ANOTHER year* xD
Using! <3 beautiful
Borrowing for when i do my profile revamp, thanks! I'll probably run the colours in a different order (to match my default icon, above) and pad the cells a little more, but other than that it will be your code, and of course credit will be given :)
I love this profile code; I've altered the colours, but the credit's all yours :) thank you!
beautiful ♥
will use, will credit of course :]

..but i might edit a little x3
Using right now ♥ I was looking for something exactly like this; thank you! :D
Trying this out. Thank you, it looks lovely.
taking it. thank you!
May I please use this for my community? Will credit :D
Thank you for making~!
So simple & colorful! ♥ Trying it out
Gorgeous layout. Using, thanks! :D
Taking; will credit. :)
i'm using the layout, but i have a question. how do you add a border like you did with this profile?
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