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Layout: Smooth Sailing - Lines

Style: S2 Smooth Sailing
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: Firefox, Opera, IE
Custom Comment Page: yes
Navbar: Disabled automatically
Ads: untested
Website link: Not Needed
Default Icon (sidebar): Disabled

Lines - Smooth Sailing with 9 diferent color schemes

Preview Aquatic

Includes a guide to easily:
  • change all the colors
  • change the layout width
  • Align the layout left or right or center
  • add/remove header image, sidebar and/or background image.
NOTE: As always, the sideboxes at the top are completely scrollable so add as many links as you want. Tag boxes, search boxes etc. should also work fine with this layout.

Go to the layout customization area

[On the Basics section]
Type in your Title (required)
Type in your Subtitle (required)
Choose S2 layouts

[Click Save]
[Go to Look and Feel]
[Under Layout & Language]
Choose "Smooth Sailing"

[Click Save]
[Go to Custom Options]
[Under Presentation]
Userinfo Position in Entries: RIGHT
Wrap Entry text under userinfo: YES
Userinfo Position in Comments: Right
Wrap Comment text under userinfo: Yes

[Under Menu]
Show Memories link on Menubar: No
Show Website link from User info Page: No

[Under Sidebar]
Profile Position: hide
Summary Position: hide or position 1-4
Latest Month Position: hide or position 1-4
Links Visibility: MUST hide. Please input your links in a free text box instead.
Tags Position: hide or position 1-4
Multisearch Position: hide or position 1-4

NOTE: You can have a MAXIMUM of 4 boxes at the top.
I myself used the latest month and 3 free text boxes, 1 for Blurb (position is 1), Links on my LJ (position is 2) and links outside LJ(position 3).

[Under Custom CSS]
Use layout stylesheet: Yes
Use layout's stylesheet(s) when including custom external stylesheet: YES (VERY IMPORTANT)
Paste the code: Aquatic, White, Blacks, Greys, Spring, Green Tea, Red & Tans, Ocean and Sands

Codes Notice:
You are free to make *any* changes as long as you give credit for the base code.
So the only rule is to comment & credit.

Paste this code into your profile page:

Further Customizations
Changing Colors )
Adding a header image )
Adding a background image )
Adding mini icons for user names and community names )
Changing the layout width )
Align layout left or right )
Add a sideheader instead of a background )
Disable Header Image )
Disable sidebar )

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox
Tags: # layouts

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