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S2 Classic: Paisley Peacock & Beaches of Goa

Style: S2 Classic
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: IE, Firefox, Opera
Custom Comment Page: NO.
Default Icon: Disabled
Ads: yes (horizontal placement)
Navbar: yes
Website link: yes

Layout #1: Paisley Peacock

Live Preview

Layout #2: Beaches of Goa (that's in India)

Live Preview

Go to the layout customization area

[On the Basics section]
Choose S2 layouts

[Click Save]
[Go to Look and Feel]
[Under Layout & Language]
Choose "Classic"

[Click Save]
[Go to Custom Options]
[Under Presentation]
Display your userpic with your entries: yes
Disable customized comment page for your journal: yes

[Under Custom CSS]
Use layout stylesheet: NO
Paste the code.

REMEMBER to upload the images online and replace the links in the code!

You are also free to make *any* changes as long as you give credit for the base code.
So the only rule is to comment & credit.

Layout#1: Paisley Peacock
Background Image here
Header Image here

Layout#2: Beaches of Goa
Background Image here
Header Image here

  • Paisley Peacock background customized from a pattern @ thefulcrum

  • Paisley Peacock header from here

  • Beaches of Goa header from here

  • Beaches of Goa background by me. Do not modify without credit.

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox
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