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Minimalist Wikipedia Style

Adapted Wikipedia Grey Lady III by Jeremy Tan into a more minimalist style with three variations depending on the user's display screen.

Name: Minimalist Wikipedia
Style: Revamped site scheme for wikipedia
Browsers: Tested so far in Chrome, Opera and Firefox but should work in IE and Safari too

Minimalist Central
Displays well across all resolutions

Install: Userscript // Userstyle

Minimalist Widescreen
Best suited to resolutions wider than 1280px

Install: Userscript // Userstyle

Minimalist Stretch
Best suited to resolutions less than1280px wide

Install: Userscript // Userstyle

Setting up userscripts in your browsers
  • Chrome installs the userscripts natively as extensions

  • Firefox requires the Greasemonkey extension installed first

  • Opera requires you to set up a folder first

  • Safari users can follow this guide

  • Internet Explorer requires Trixie (or an alternative)

Setting Up Userstyles
  • Firefox requires the Stylish extension

  • Opera can use them natively - instructions here
Tags: # layouts

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