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March 2013

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* hmm - brainstorming...

gossymer in noveltybox

Horizon: Mellow Mint (Userscript)

Was using the LJ banner script by daluci for some time now and ended up writing more css to restyle Horizon completely so 1) its more streamlined and 2) I don't get a visual surprise every month with a new LJ banner (which can sometimes be terrible TBH)

Name: Mellow Mint
Style: Revamped Horizon site scheme for livejournal (all accounts)
Browsers: Tested so far in Chrome, Opera and Firefox but should work in IE and Safari too

Version #1:

Bigger preview
| Userscript download...

Version #2 with userpic:

Bigger preview
| Userscript download...

Notes: The font used for the username is Fertigo Pro and you can download it here

I've tested the script in Chrome, Opera and Firefox so far but I don't use Macs or IE.

To use your own icon for the second version, make sure your picture is 75px wide and 75px high and upload it online. Copy the image source link and replace this text in the file:

Setting up userscripts in your browsers
  • Chrome installs the userscripts natively as extensions

  • Firefox requires the Greasemonkey extension installed first

  • Opera requires you to set up a folder first

  • Safari users can follow this guide

  • Internet Explorer requires Trixie (or an alternative)

Editing userscripts in your browser: To find the userscript (after its installed) for editing:
  • For Chrome its usually under: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\

  • For firefox you can do it through greasemonkey: instructions.
    Note: if you haven't selected your text editor yet in greasemonkey, Notepad can be found under C:\Windows\system32\notepad.exe

  • For Opera and IE, simply go to the userscript folder (that you set up) to find the file.

Making more customizations?

If you would like to change colors, background images etc. my css can be found here and a breakdown of classes and IDs in Horizon is on the wiki here (which I only discovered after finishing this *facepalms* )

After you edit the code remember to:
  • Remove the notes/labels above each section
  • Remove line breaks (return key/enters)
  • Add a backslash (\) before each quote (")
  • Paste it into the original userscript (inside the quotes - e.g. var css ="your css goes here")


Oh, that's fun. Way fun. \o/

Thanks for sharing!
Oh thank you thank you thank you!
I'm using Version 1 now and I LOVE it. Thank you!
This is awesome, thank you!
Really nice, thank you! I can report that it works fine with Greasemonkey and Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS X.

(via bzzinglikeneon)
This has made my LJ bearable again. Thank you!

So pretty! So neat! So efficient! So smooth! Thank you for making <3
You are my goddamn HERO. I've been using other styles for months, none that really sat right with me, but were better than LJ's. Yours is the best, by far. I love the simple design and colors.
using, thank you!
Thank you!
works like a charm and looks great. Thanks a bunch ♥
Wow, this is awesome *.*
Thank you !
This is absolutely fabulous! Those ugly new banners were difficult to look at!
Thank you!
Thank you! It looks great. I just went ahead and changed some of the colors, and I'm totally glad you shared this <3
Oooooh this is lovely. Thank you!
This is fantastic, thank you so much!
I love this, thank you so much!
oh my god! You are my hero...this month's banner is burning my eyes! Trust LJ to come up with new ways to torture its userbase :/
Oh, this is exactly what I've been wanting. This is perfect, thank you so much.
Oh, I think I love you. This is BEAUTIFUL. Can I use this on InsaneJournal and Dreamwidth, too?