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March 2013

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gossymer in noveltybox

LJ skinning...

Heya guys! Been a while since a layout post but have a few things in the works :) Though I did get distracted yesterday by another bit of shiny.

boundary posted a userscript HERE to mintyapple for replacing all the old mini-icons all over the LJ website with prettier stuff (at least for firefox and opera users XD)

I'd forgotten about ljskins and customizing lj styles, but I pulled out my old CSS I'd been working on a year ago and played around with it for a couple of hours. While pretty much all icons will be replaced, I'm more focussed on changing the style. Here's what I got so far for the navigation:

Livejournal view:

My skin at the moment:

I'm not sure if the navbar menu should be black or greyish or an actual color >_> I just wanted it to be very minimalist in style so the focus could be on reading content.

Here's the before and after for the comments area - I still need to replace icons and a gazillion things but :)

Please note, that these customizations would work on all the default LJ pages with Horizon (profile page, homepage, default comment pages etc.).

Any opinions/preferences would be very much appreciated since I'm still a bit iffy on the design elements and font sizing/spacing. Basically, what would you prefer to see when it comes to navigation and comments?

Edit: Oh and if the skin came in multiple colorschemes - what colors would you personally want to use?


That looks sleek and lovely! :D Sadly, I primarily use Chrome these days, so :(

As for the navbar, would it possible to have a gradient like you have at the top of the skin (where the username is)?
I wonder if Chrome will be able to use userscripts at some point >_> If it does, then \o/

There's a very subtle black/grey gradient on the navbar but I think I could make it darker :)

I keep thinking of various design elements to add but then I realise then focus would become less on the menu options and more on the designs around it D: I could do a mockup or two on photoshop and let people here pick which they'd be more interested it >_> Yeah, am a sucker for polls XD
By themes, do you mean color schemes? Since most of the images are partially transparent and there are only a few image tiles for backgrounds, I don't think that would be a problem :) Probably need to figure out with colorschemes would be best though, lol
Y'know, I always thought it would be pretty hard to go wrong with orange - until I saw Insane Journal's sitescheme a few years back *shudder* But a bright orange would be lovely for the summer :)

And I'd kinda go crazy with green actually (leaves and stuff) so if I don't do one now, I'll probably do one later on XD

Though for summer, I wonder if I could work in duo tones (blues and oranges or greens and browns or something) Will play around :3
I am completely in love with your versions. Very sleek and lovely. Just for the comments, though, I would personally prefer the background color for the info (i.e. light blue for LJ) to be something other than white -- maybe a soft color for whichever colorscheme chosen.

As for colorschemes, I like the one you have here very very much. :)
With the multiple colorschemes, I could probably color the info sections to match - and for the monochrome version I could either go light grey for the comment info or do super-light grey and darker borders ^^

I just wish LJ had formatted the comment tables in such a way that the entry titles appeared UNDER the username and date instead of above (which causes a weird gap between entries since comments don't normally have titles)
and for the monochrome version I could either go light grey for the comment info or do super-light grey and darker borders

That'd be awesome. To have pretty comment pages without having to set to customized comment pages would make me so happy. (It's easier to read fics in the default lj comment page. :))

Oh yes. That's really frustrating. :/
Oh that is so cool. The gray and black; it would look really nifty with pretty much any color you decided on.
So mainly, stick to monochrome and offer different link colors etc. in place of the blue link formatting?
I definitely love blue/brown schemes...they're so relaxing. Blue and gray would be pretty too.

Your version looks super neat; I'd just miss my default icon though.
I love your version, it's so minimal and clean!

I'll personally love a simple gray/white/black monochrome scheme, and maybe a pink or orange one :3
The comments are gorgeous!

I wonder if getting this to work in Safari 4.0 would be possible.... HMMMMM! I'll try it once I upgrade to Leopard.
That looks fantastic! I didn't even know this was something that could be done.

Will they work on Google Chrome?

I would use red/black!
ooh, so cool! i always like it when there's a colorful frame is around userpics :D
[/unlurk] I've been using Stylish for a while, but this is a wonderful idea I had not considered or seen around before. This is seriously exciting!! Personally, I love your navigation skin, especially that it's slimmer and replaces the ginormous LJ logo in favour of a less intrusive one. And the lack of LJ!blue is delicious! The new grouping of the Account, Help and Logout links is makes a lot more sense to me as well. Masterful work there.

The comments are is not working so well for me at the moment, but I can see a huge amount of potential for improvements here. I'm excited, once again, about getting rid of the LJ!blue and using colours like pastels or greys so that icons and replies receive a higher visual hierarchy. The classic blue slab has always been a pet peeve of mine.
I love the idea behind this! I have seen so many LJ Skins and all of them require a GreaseMonkey script to function which makes the old layout show for a second then it changes. That ALWAYS bugged me, but I'm too lazy to do a skin myself. Haha. I'd so download this if you posted it, and could even help beta aka GIVE IT TO ME EARLY LOL.

the different color schemes would be cool. i'd personally like something white/grey with blue links and accents, but if you posted your code, i'm sure i could mess with it for my own personal use. :)
I think the css would work in the same way as yours so it would change as the page loads but the transition wouldn't be noticeable:)

Debugging and figuring out what's missing is what keeps it stalled so might take you up on that! (and I'm using your script to figure out how many icons need replacing on LJ, lolol)

Yeah, that's the awesome thing with userscripts - I expect people to customize them to their own needs ala theme layers and stuff. It would be totally awesome to change default comment pages for one thing XD
Oh my I really really like this. I'd use red or blue.
this is such a neat idea. The original livejournal layout is more than ugly, so I definitely understand that you want to tweak it a bit. (And I like the black/white, minimalistic = better).

Edited at 2009-06-08 10:32 am (UTC)
A bit late to the party, but I too would love to see this. I think it would be really cool to have more than one colour scheme to choose from.


Edit: Oh and if the skin came in multiple colorschemes - what colors would you personally want to use?"

PINK plz <3