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Layouts: In the Blues - Smooth Sailing

EDIT: April 7th - updated codes so that the sidebar will allow tags boxes, page summary boxes, and scrollable free text boxes: (example preview)

Style: S2 Smooth Sailing
Best view: 800x600 and up
Browsers Tested On: IE, Firefox, Opera
Work best with: Free & Paid account (plus-accounts too, if ads are between the entries)
Custom Comment Page: Yes
Website: Not required
Default Icon: Disabled
Nav Bar: Disabled automatically ( I went KILL KILL KILL)

Layout #1: Original Black & Blue

Alternate colour scheme preview(s) here

Layout #2: White & Blue


Layout #3: Grey Floating Boxes


Go to the layout customization area

[On the Basics section]
Type in your Title
Type in your Subtitle
Choose S2 layouts

[Click Save]
[Go to Look and Feel]
[Under Layout & Language]
Choose "Smooth Sailing"

[Click Save]
[Go to Custom Options]
[Under Menu]
Show Memories link on Menubar: No
Show Website link from User info Page: No

[Under Sidebar]
Profile Position: hide
Summary Position: hide or position 1-4
Latest Month Position: hide or position 1-4
Links Visibility: hide or position 1-4
Tags Position: hide or position 1-4
Multisearch Position: hide or position 1-4

NOTE: You can have a MAXIMUM of 4 boxes at the top.
I myself used the latest month and 3 free text boxes, 1 for Blurb (position is 1), Links on my LJ (position is 2) and links outside LJ(position 3).

[Under Custom CSS]
Use layout stylesheet: Yes
Use layout's stylesheet(s) when including custom external stylesheet: YES (VERY IMPORTANT)
Paste the code.

Layout#1: Original Black & Blue

Layout#2: White & Blue
Optimized version available HERE with 6 more color schemes!

Layout#3: Grey Floating Boxes

only rule: comment & credit.
ETA: You are also free to make *any* changes as long as you give credit for the base code.

Notice: You  can get alternative color schemes here by takhys

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox
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