Server Downtime

This is a headsup regarding the downtime for noveltybox's stylesheets: the host I've been using (flaredhost.com) has been down for over a week and has been unresponsive to email so far. My backups aren't the latest versions of the files on the servers but I'll try to get them online soon in any case as soon as I switch to an alternative server. I'm sorry about the stress it caused anyone :(
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Minimalist Wikipedia Style

Adapted Wikipedia Grey Lady III by Jeremy Tan into a more minimalist style with three variations depending on the user's display screen.

Name: Minimalist Wikipedia
Style: Revamped site scheme for wikipedia
Browsers: Tested so far in Chrome, Opera and Firefox but should work in IE and Safari too

Minimalist Central
Displays well across all resolutions

Install: Userscript // Userstyle

Minimalist Widescreen
Best suited to resolutions wider than 1280px

Install: Userscript // Userstyle

Minimalist Stretch
Best suited to resolutions less than1280px wide

Install: Userscript // Userstyle

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Horizon: Mellow Mint (Userscript)

Was using the LJ banner script by daluci for some time now and ended up writing more css to restyle Horizon completely so 1) its more streamlined and 2) I don't get a visual surprise every month with a new LJ banner (which can sometimes be terrible TBH)

Name: Mellow Mint
Style: Revamped Horizon site scheme for livejournal (all accounts)
Browsers: Tested so far in Chrome, Opera and Firefox but should work in IE and Safari too

Version #1:

Bigger preview
| Userscript download...

Version #2 with userpic:

Bigger preview
| Userscript download...

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DW site schemes...

I'm doing a few proposals for alternate site schemes at DW and just posting it here in case anyone has any suggestions/opinions on them.

original default site scheme that's on dreamwidth:

alternate site scheme mockup:


Might end up doing a poll next week with multiple mockups to guage which one is preferred >_> But yeah, I tried to stick with the reds but mainly wanted to reduce the height.
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LJ skinning...

Heya guys! Been a while since a layout post but have a few things in the works :) Though I did get distracted yesterday by another bit of shiny.

boundary posted a userscript HERE to mintyapple for replacing all the old mini-icons all over the LJ website with prettier stuff (at least for firefox and opera users XD)

I'd forgotten about ljskins and customizing lj styles, but I pulled out my old CSS I'd been working on a year ago and played around with it for a couple of hours. While pretty much all icons will be replaced, I'm more focussed on changing the style. Here's what I got so far for the navigation:

Livejournal view:

My skin at the moment:

I'm not sure if the navbar menu should be black or greyish or an actual color >_> I just wanted it to be very minimalist in style so the focus could be on reading content.

Here's the before and after for the comments area - I still need to replace icons and a gazillion things but :)

Please note, that these customizations would work on all the default LJ pages with Horizon (profile page, homepage, default comment pages etc.).

Any opinions/preferences would be very much appreciated since I'm still a bit iffy on the design elements and font sizing/spacing. Basically, what would you prefer to see when it comes to navigation and comments?

Edit: Oh and if the skin came in multiple colorschemes - what colors would you personally want to use?
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Profile: Desktop Journal

No need to specify any width - the table will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the new lj profile. You are free to edit the contents of the journal area - add more pictures, leave one of the pages blank, have very little text, whatever.

The only rule is to comment & credit.

Desktop Journal
click for live preview

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Notice: Two fixes to codes :)

Just a note for people using the following codes...

Fix for Profile Layout: Color Stripes version 2.0

Actually, I'd updated the codes a day or two after posting but forgot to put up a notice.

So, if your friends lists and communitiy lists usernames are currently showing up with underlines, you need to replace a single line of code...

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Though I know some people are happy the names are showing up with underlines >_> Oye.

Fix for all Bloggish Layouts

I already updated all my Bloggish layout codes, but if you customized them and uploaded them to your own server, then you may notice that when an image is aligned left or right, well, it doesn't align.

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However, if y'all are just using the URLs to my stylesheets, y'all don't have to do anything - everything has been updated :)