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March 2013

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gossymer in noveltybox

Profile: Monochrome

Did my final profile revamp for a while and here are the codes if anyone is interested.

This version uses one of the Christmas images I shared last year.

No need to specify any width - the tables will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the new lj profile.

Also, you are free to edit the profile till it's unrecognizable - do whatever you want with the code.

The only rule is to comment & credit.

click for live preview

Go to Edit Personal Information and paste the code into your Bio

The Code

You can do Edit/Find/Replace all to change all the colors and the image

Header Title Color code: 000000
Regular Text Color Code: 444444
Background Color for the bottom bar: 010101
Text color for bottom bar: cccccc
Link color for bottom bar: c0c0c0

Image URL: http://pics.livejournal.com/gossymer/pic/0076c6ye
If you decide to change the image, choose something around 300px wide!

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox


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I really like that. I think I'll use it. Will credit. Thanks!
Oh, this is awesome! Thank you!
Goes to memories!!!! Thank you ^ ___________^
I love it and am using it right now. Thank you so much for sharing! ^^
I really like this~ Thanks for sharing. I think I'll be using it.

Two questions

Is there a way to edit out the little link bar at the bottom and to add extra sections so I would have 6 text boxes instead of 4?
Thank you!
lovely, thanks!
Thanks a bunch. Wonderful job. Will use and credit.
Will use and credit :)
Thank you.
Absolutely beautiful!
This is awesome. Will Credit.
Btw, I'm going to use it on both my ij and lj.
Thank you sooooo much, mucho loves.
*Gonna use this to revamp my profile!~*
Beautiful~! Will use and credit =Db
oh, wow, that's really nice! :) i'll be using this one, for sure.
I think I'll try this out. Will credit. :)
I've never tried a profile page layout, but there's a first time for everything, right? I'm downloading the code and will credit.
Awesome! Saving it and will credit. Thanks =)
This's awesome.Thk^^
thanks for this!
i've been looking for a good profile layout to use!
I'm going to borrow this to use in a journal over on IJ-- will definitely credit; thank you! ♥
ohh pretty thanks credited and all that fun stuff ♥
This complements my journal layout. I think I'll use it! :)
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