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March 2013

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gossymer in noveltybox

Profile Layout: Color Stripes

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Just revamped my user info layout and thought I'd share the code...

Go to Edit Personal Information and paste the code into your Bio

The Code

You can do Edit/Find/Replace all to change all the colors

Heading Background Color code: #fbfbfb
Text Background Color code: #fafafa
Heading Text Color Code: #888888
Regular Text Color Code: #555555

Stripe Color Codes
Box #1: Blue - #30afbf
Box #2: Green - #a8cc33
Box #3: Yellow #f2bd1d
Box #4: Red - #cc3c18
Box #5: Purple - #a1134c

Only rule is to comment & credit - you are free to edit the codes.

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox


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I love it =) I take it with credits
This is nice and simple, I like this sort of profile layout. Will credit you. :)
Using this -- thank you!
Using this, thank you!
using in my community, thanks :]
This one is lovely and simple, i love it! am using it now and crediting, thanks :D
using this. thanks much!
I'm snagging to use when I redo my profile. Thanks for the codes and I of course will credit!
This is great! I'm using it and will credit.
love the layout!! took and will credit!! :D
Beautiful!! Taken with credit at my community ohana_icons.

Thank you!
Using this at savanca and will credit, thanks! :)
Thank you! Taken with credit at the je_ficgames!
Taking w/credit. Thanks!
It's amazing. Took it, and added you to my watchlist. :)
Snagging. Will credit. Thank you.
This layout is so simple and amazing. I love it. Definitely using, and will credit. :]
It's so pretty! Thank you, using!
*snags this* The colour choice is brilliant. ♥
Oh, nice and neat. I'll use this with credit when I redo my user info page this weekend. Thank you!
Thank you. I'm grabbing this and I'll credit.
Taken with some changes.
Definitely will credit.
Thank you! :D
adding to memories. :)
will credit if using. thankkss! :)
Snaaaggggedddd 8D And will credit of course ^^
taking this~
thank you~
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