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March 2013

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DW site schemes...

I'm doing a few proposals for alternate site schemes at DW and just posting it here in case anyone has any suggestions/opinions on them.

original default site scheme that's on dreamwidth:

alternate site scheme mockup:


Might end up doing a poll next week with multiple mockups to guage which one is preferred >_> But yeah, I tried to stick with the reds but mainly wanted to reduce the height.


I really like the first mockup. I think the second one looks ...empty? With all the white. But yes yes yes on reducing the height of the nav, and also shrinking the font. The colors don't seem as washed out as they do in a big navbar.
The gradient for the top strip in the variation is probably too light in that case ^^ Will try a sarker grey or black in that case :)
Ooh, I see it now, barely. In that case it might just be my monitor's settings -- it's pretty bright and the contrast is wonky. I didn't even notice a gradient until you pointed it out.
I like both. :P
That's probably because I love red. I guess if it were say... aqua blue, I'd probably prefer the second, white layout.
Actually the alternate colors I'm considering are more along the lines of : green | purple | brown and maybe orange. Blue might be too much like LJ so I'm trying to keep away from it.
I think I like the red best, but that eggplant is sumptuous.
I think when the dell colored laptops came out, I wanted the same colors: chocolate brown or eggplant purple or apple green or ferrari red XD
I am in love with that green! :)
Sorry to butt in but OMG GREEN. It's perfect. The red is too loud, in my opinion, and purple is kind of feminine. I love the green.
I like the simple two-colour scheme of the bottom two, but I also like having my default icon on top somewhere. Can I have my cake and eat it too? :P But those drop-down menus are such a pain.

I kind of gave up on any real competition showing up to LJ after strikethru and your mentions are the first I've heard of this one so I've kind of gotten excited again. If they can do all that they'd like to do, I'd be in.
I'll be doing some other mockups that won't be as minimalist and I'll make sure to kep the userpic around :)

I've been surprised by the spammage on DW on my flist actally - if you're interested check out the posts linked on the metafandom community - there are several prett good ones about DW like this one:

Thank you! I've never been a fan of the LJ-style header, there's just too much to it that I don't need to access in one click, so the minimalist attitude is good.

Haha that's a lovely post, I'm glad people are getting excited. I won't be buying a paid account when it opens up right away (I certainly didn't pay for this paid account), but I'll definitely be following the development.
I really like the first two, and the different colors are so nice! The last one is not bad, though I like things to have more color. White space tends to bug me, but it's not GLARINGly empty.
The first is the normal DW sitescheme that's already up, lol. Will do a darker gradient for the last one :)
Definitely liking the alternate with the red bar. :)!
Yay, glad it works!
I wish I had a Dreamwidth invite code! But, as I understand it, general registration opens to the public on the 30th, right?
Not really - Open beta is from the 30th - you still need an invite for a free account or you pay a few dollars for May (one month paid account) if you don't wanna wait around. Having been on the mailing list and reading all the development - definitely excited about it.
Hmm, I see the link about paid accounts, but I don't see how to buy one... maybe I'm overlooking something?

Also, I just wanted to say that I love your layouts and customizations and all that. I've lurked around your layouts and things for a while now. XP
You'll only be able to put money down on the 30th (even though peeps have asked about throwing money at them early, lol). The tech stuff that's in the works look very promising :3

Thankyou! And yay for fellow lurking mwhahaha
I think it was grrliz who did the design but I'm not completely sure about that ^^ The height was the only thing that I really wanted to tweak :)

Do check out metafandom for posts about dreamwidth :)
I really really like the first mock-up. :)
Love the first mockup, but I'm a monster of constant change, so it probably won't last long. :P

I like the purple one, too.
Oh, I really like the second one! I like Dreamwidth but all the red kind of bugs me, and none of the alternative site schemes really appeal to me either. That nice clean one is so pretty. *_* *wants*
I love these! Especially the bottom one, but the alternative colour schemes you proposed in the comments are just gorgeous.
I was wondering--are these still in the works, if not as official schemes then as addons like on userstyles.org?