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March 2013

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Icon guide: Photoshop action, tips & mini tut

Since people were curious about my coloring in the FMA icons post and since I rarely make icons anyway, here is a Photoshop CS3 action to automatically change the coloring of images (preferably high quality anime screencaps).

I've also added some tips and a mini tutorial on resizing and sharpening.

(Click to zoom)


Download the action here

  1. Open a high quality anime screencap in Photoshop CS3 (you can find many @ diminishcap for instance)
  2. Load the anime coloring ATN file in the actions palette
  3. Zoom out of the image till you're at 50% view and then click play on the anime color boost action

Additional coloring options:
  • For more yellows, reds and blues: unhide/show the additional color folder

  • If you're image turns extremely blue like this, play the second action extreme blu color fix immediately after the anime color boost action (which results in THIS)

    [Note: if it suddenly looks pixelly/choppy. please hide the Black & White 3 layer located in the addtional color folder]

After the action(s), for

  • very bright images:
    1. hide the dust n noise reduced layer
    2. unhide/show the Background layer

  • very dark images:
    1. hide the dust n noise reduced layer
    2. unhide/show the Background layer
    3. unhide/show the screen layer
    4. Increase the opacity of the screen layer to around 75%
At this point I usually play with the opacities of individual adustment layers to optimize coloring and then do one last selective coloring adjustment layer and one final levels layer.
Resizing into icons - my steps are:
  1. Flatten the image
  2. Filter/Noise/Reduce Noise with settings: Strength: 10, Preserve details: 9, Reduce Color Noise: 0, Sharpen Details: 14
  3. Crop the image to 100px x 100px
  4. Use Filter/Sharpen/Smart Sharpen with amount at 140% or so and radius at .2 pixels  (that's POINT 2 pixels)
  5. If its still not sharp enough I repeat Smart Sharpen with radius at .3 pixels and amount somewhere between 30% - 80%
Note: At the very end I usually use color dodge and linear burn/multiply layers as demonstrated by sinspire in this tutorial @ sundry_icons


Thank you, this is great :)
This is fantastic, thank you!
I was wondering, is there an easy way to translate the "extreme blue" action to handle an extremely RED screencap? Something like this, for example?
Thanks for the tips on resizing! :)
Oh wow, this is great. I always have problems with sharpening my icons, so i'm going to try and experiment with the settings you've used. Thanks so much for this! ♥
Lovely coloring!
I'm saving this link :)
That is some snazzy colour adjustment advice there. Deffinitely keeping a link to this post handy. Thank you for sharing your process with us! :D
This is awesome.
Thank you so much for sharing.
the link for the action file seems not working for me.... may I know if there's any chance that I can download the file from somewhere else?
Thanks! This is a really fun action to play around with. <3
interesting! am memming, thanks. :D
Thanks for this tutorial! :D I made some icons of my own and they look fabulous :D
I know this is a really old post, but your coloring is really pretty, and I've been trying to get coloring like yours for a while now. Is there a way you could maybe reupload the action now that megaupload has died? If not I totally get it. Thanks!