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March 2013

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gossymer in noveltybox

Icons: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

[66] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

          01 - 04

          05 - 08

          09 - 12

          13 - 16

          17 - 20

          21 - 24

          25 - 28

          29 - 32

          33 - 36

          37 - 40

          41 - 44

          45 - 47
    01 - 04

+ extras // alternates

          48 - 51

          52 - 55

          56 - 59

          60 - 63

          64 - 66

EDIT: tutorial (and photoshop action) on how I got the above coloring was just posted over here!

Icons made using screencaps from diminishcap

Rules: credit + comment :) You can edit the alternates / extras, just credit for the base.

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox


Guhhh I love your coloring lskdjfasld Took so many :)
♥ ♥ Rarely do icon posts and this took forever but am pretty happy with how they came out :) FMA IS SO MUCH LOVE :3
Holy -swear word-
Your coloring is awesome dude. I slightly prefer your coloring to the actuall show's coloring since it feels more..solid to me.
Oh wow :3~ Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but the COLORING.
I love how crisp everything seems. <3~ xD You should make a tutorial so I can steal it.
Snagged some for use on my rp journal, btw~
These are gorgeous! ♥.♥
Lovely! Have all slots filled but might take a few for IJ.

And OMG, Scar! Promise you'll make icons with Scar when he's in the eps?
Took a ton :3
Oh *damn*, your colouring is amazing! Wow, I wish you did icons more often, these are simply wonderful. Thank you, will def credit. <3
Wait wait wait...is this the new version? It started?!

*takes some icons, procedes to flip out*
These are awesome! Taking nos. 11 and 59. My two favorite characters~ Usually I'm really picky about my Roy icons, too. But the moment I saw this one, I fell in love!
Ahhh, I'm such a sucker for awesome colouring. I saved like, a lot of these, and I'm crediting every one when I used them.
Your colouring is just beautiful!!
Oohh Mem'ing this post since I'm at work and I totally want to snag some of these. These icons are absolutely lovely and FMA is totally awesome. ♥
SO MANY SHINYS! I will credit once I decide which ones I want to yoink!
OMG I love these, :)!

Taking the ones that has Hughes in it no...I'm not obsessed
Ooh, all these are so pretty! ♥
Preeeetttttyyyy~! *_*

I took a bunch! <3

I may use a few of your alternatives, with credit of course! I'll leave you a link if/when I do. :3
Oh so lovely! ♥

Taking 11, 14, 15, 25, 38, 43 and 59.

Will credit!
Fully awesome! I love the "kill kill" one. I can relate when I'm in a bad mood. xD
LOVE the icons - so pretty! Snagged 7, 10, 15, 25, 44 and 59 ♥
Pretty! Running off with a couple; will credit on use.
Guh, really, really gorgeous icons that are tempting me to watch FMA.
Yes! I've been waiting for your post! I love these so much, will credit when used! :D
Snagged a bunch, will credit!

Really nice icons! Thanks for posting them!
Gorgeous coloring! Saving 52 and 63, thanks!
the best anime coloring I've seennnnn
snagging so manyyy
4 and 26! Thank you! Great avatars =)
lovely icons!!
#56 what chapter is?
I took a lot. They're just gorgeous! *uploads nao*


'Tis a pretty nice array of icons you've got there, 8D
Taking a few of these, will credit.
your coloring is far too awesome for me ♥ EYE CANDY Y/Y
Oh wooow. The animation in Brotherhood is so clean and smooth and your coloring has brought that out times a million. Snagging a bunch, and will credit!
*A* <3 Lovely
Awesome!!! ;))
I raided this section. FYI. LOVELY~~~~~~~~~~!
I love FMA! I adore these icons so much. I snagged nearly all of them ^_^ haha will definitely credit when used. Thank you very much :D
omg your coloring is gorgeous~!

Snagged a bunch of Ed ones for this here journal. Will definitely credit when I use them! <333
These are gorgeous – taking several of them and will credit. :D
Taking a few for my DW account, will credit! The coloring is beautiful!
These are so pretty! I just grabbed a ton. <3