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March 2013

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Profile: Desktop Journal

No need to specify any width - the table will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the new lj profile. You are free to edit the contents of the journal area - add more pictures, leave one of the pages blank, have very little text, whatever.

The only rule is to comment & credit.

Desktop Journal
click for live preview

Go to Edit Personal Information and paste the code into your Bio

The Code


#1 When adding links to the top navigation or profile codes make sure you've changed the link color as well as I've done in the code already

#2 Make sure to keep font tags for the journal text sections! You can change the fonts and size but make sure the tags are there.

#3 To delete the optional photo

Find and delete the img src tag that contains this url:
And the 'center' tag around it

#4 To replace the optional photo

Find and replace the following URL
Image URL: http://pics.livejournal.com/gossymer/pic/0076c6ye
If you decide to change the image , choose something less than 250px wide.

#5 If you have very little text on the journal and want it to start in the middle/center of the page instead of the top, find:

and replace it with
It shows up twice so you need to replace it twice.

#6 Outside of the journal area, apart from replacing text, please do not add/edit too much 'cause the layout may break! Also don't add a huge amount of text to the journal area.

★ Feel free to watch noveltybox


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Wow! That is amazing! It doesn't suit my main journal usage, but if I ever have a journal it does I'll be taking this. I didn't even realize people could do this sort of thing with lj styles.
It's for the profile page and is completely html based, not CSS, so it doesn't rely on lj styles :3
you always have the most original profile codes! i might definitely use this some day. thank you for sharing!
You now have me forced to change my profile layout! :D
I've waited for something like that for, like, EVER! *hugs*
this is great! :D
added to mems!
wow it's gorgeous. Adding to memo for now
This is amazing! Meme-ing for later usage!
Wow - I'm in love with it, and will probably use it next time I update my profile. I might be a little bit too lazy to do the profile update right away, though.

Thank you for sharing. It's beautiful!
I love you so much for this, it's wonderful!
Looks awesome! ♥
This is such an awesome profile, thanks for sharing.
I am probably gonna use this sometime in the future. Will credit. <3
this is awesome ♥♥♥
i'll probably use it some time, *memmed*
will credit of course.
Aha! Changed!

Edited at 2009-02-14 02:32 pm (UTC)
I love how it turned out!
Snagging and crediting if used :)
Not taking because I'm already using a wonderful profile style, also made by you, but just commenting to say this is awesome :D
This is beautiful! Saving it. ^__^
Fascinating. Thank you. Memmed for now.
This will go nicely with my layout and even my gmail theme. Thanks! Will credit when I put it up.

i am impressed. i might use this sometime soon.

this is a refreshing look for the generic profile page most people have here on LJ.
Wow, that is really neat! I will give you credit :)
I love this and will be using it for my bio section but I would L-O-V-E to have my LJ look like that.
This is so wonderful, I think I just died.
Definitely taking, bb <3
Will credit!
taking! Though I edited out the background. I hope thats okay. I really like your journal though! I edited the text within, took away the wood as well as the photo, because I'd like to use one as a header.
wow, this is so beautiful... I memmed it and probably will use it (and credit ;)) )
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